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Frequently Asked Questions...
- If none of these FAQs solve the problem, then please contact MovieNite customer service for further assistance.
- How do I contact MovieNite customer service?   Send an email to [email protected], or leave a voice message at 877-493-2374, or submit a web form at www.movienite.biz.
- How many movies may I rent at one time?  New customers may rent up to two movies.  Established customers may rent up to four movies.
- How often does MovieNite add new movie releases into the kiosk?  Generally every week on Tuesdays.
- Does MovieNite really offer popular new releases 28 days before RedBox or Netflix?  Yes that is frequently true. 
- Why should I consider entering my email address during checkout or on the subscription page of the website?  First, it is not a requirement.  But if there are any problems or the need for any follow-up communication, it greatly simplifies the process.  Also, you'll receive occasional promotional email offers such free or discounted movie rentals.
- What time are movie rentals due back?  Please return the movie to any MovieNite kiosk by 8:00 pm local time next day. 
- What if I keep the rented movie for extra days before returning it?  Your account will be charged for any extra days at the same daily rate as the initial rental. 
- What if I do not return the movie for whatever reason?  After 12 days the movie will be considered "sold," and your account will be charged $24 plus sales tax.  After this point in time, MovieNite kiosks will no longer accept the movie in return.
- What if the movie could not be viewed due to scratches or other damage which was not my fault?   Or, what if I selected a specific title and received something completely different?  Please return the defective or incorrect movie to a MovieNite kiosk and notify MovieNite customer service about the problem.   A refund will be applied to your account, and the disc will be locked to prevent further rentals until it can be inspected/repaired/retired.
- What if I selected a movie and swiped my charge card, but for whatever reason the kiosk did not deliver the movie?  In nearly all cases when this happens, the kiosk software recognizes the problem and displays a message indicating "you will not be charged."  If you have any concerns whatsoever, please contact MovieNite customer service.
- How can I be certain the returned movie has been accepted?  Please watch the kiosk monitor when you return a rented movie, and check for a message indicating the movie has been successfully returned. 
- What if the kiosk refused to accept the disc when it was returned?   Try re-inserting the case into the kiosk return slot either upside down or backwards.  If after several attempts the kiosk continues to reject the movie, then please return the rented disc to the customer service desk inside the store.  Also please notify MovieNite customer service.
- What if a local power outage or other problem with the kiosk made it impossible for me to return a disc prior to the 8:00 pm cutoff time?  Please return the disc inside the store to the customer service desk.  MovieNite will work with the store to see that extra day fees are not incurred.  
- What if the plastic case is broken or lost?  Please visit the customer service desk inside the store.  They should be able to provide you with a replacement case or assist you with returning the movie.
- May I return a RedBox or other non-MovieNite movie to a MovieNite kiosk?  No don't do that.  May I return a MovieNite movie to a RedBox or other non-MovieNite kiosk?  No don't do that either.
- What is the mailing address where I may return a disc?  MovieNite, P.O. Box 103039, Denver, CO 80250-3039.  Please include a note indicating your name, contact information, and kiosk location where you rented the movie.